Poems To Survive In

Greetings from The Fat Damsel.

For this section, we welcome poems that had to get out, that emerged with a force like water coming from the soil; poems which are part of your story as you grow to know yourself more deeply in telling those stories; poems which bear witness, and which offer readers the gift of bearing witness; poems you know, poems you feel, poems you care about, poems from YOU.

Whether you write your feelings out with calm, with intensity, or distress, wear your heart upon your sleeve, or spill your guts, we want to read about your survival through writing. We are looking for pieces that you simply had to write. Words that had to come, words that came immediately, words that you had to wait years to have the courage to write.

Send us your poems or short pieces that show the world that you are a survivor. From the big things, to the small things, life can be a battleground. Send us pieces that other survivors can read and relate to and gain some support from. We look for honesty and heart. We look for poems to survive in.

We trust you to deliver.

Just bring a poem.

We have a number of sections on The Fat Damsel. As well as Poems To Survive In, we have Pod, Take Ten and Land of Pomentos. Please have a read of the submission guidelines for each and maybe even read the issues to get an idea of what kind of work we accept. 

The permanent editor of this section is Louise Larchbourne.

Issues will run every two months and we aim to respond to you within four weeks or less.

Please send poems for this section to janeburn1971(at)gmail(dot)com either in the body of an email or as an attachment, single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman and put ‘Submission – Poems To Survive In’ in the subject line.