Amanda Glover


Brexit Hokey-Cokey

Today I am in, just.
Yesterday I was out, firmly.
Not sitting on that damn fence
but jumping over it – exhausted.

Tired of my Brexit hokey-cokey.
Long ceased looking for statistics
that are actually works of fiction
dressed up in glossy brochures – binned.

Need a poster for my window
one side ‘in’ and the other ‘out’,
to turn and turn about
as my head spins – doubt.

The issue is not migration
but of post Brexit isolation.
The question is ‘remain or leave’
to be addressed head on – please.

Yearning for positivity,
to be rid of terror tactics
and consider ALL the issues;
economic, political, sovereign – agreed?

Finally the words of Billy Bragg
bring clarity. Top bloke
waxing Lexin, waning Lexit,
defender of the Welfare State – the key.

Resolved on how to make my mark
I leap out of my political hoop
and stop jumping over that damn fence.
Feels like I have the casting vote – relieved.