Damsels In Print

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Artwork By Jane Burn

Below you will find books and pamphlets by poets who have been published on The Fat Damsel, together with the necessary contact information. This is a wonderful way to support poets and small presses.

Tongues of Fire published by Jane Burn, published by The Black Light Engine Press


Reviews for Tongues of Fire –

‘I read Tongues of Fire on my way home and just re-read it, it’s glorious! Full of laughter, joy, sorrow, pain, anger and love. You’re a stunning poet’ – Robert Francis

‘Well Jane Burn Storybook Art -I didn’t want to buy your book ‘Tongues of Fire’ ,and just skim over it with eyes half open — wanted to savour it … so made mayself a cup of tea and took it back to bed for a proper slow Saturday morning read – at first I couldn’t get beyond ‘Pauline’s Knickers’
– just wanted to read it over and over – so full over layers and powerful, images. Every page is full of humanity with no hiding place – you force the reader to look and to care about,’ Where they go to die’ and ‘Audrey’s Cellulitis’ most of all I want to go to the party where I can meet all those inhabitants of Seaham Cemetery
( though maybe not yet awhile : ) ) Surely there’s a drama in the making there! ‘ – Janet Philo

‘This is a pamphlet worth having, Jane Burn does fresh and astonishing things with language whilst connecting to deep traditions, there is a fascinating collision between the modern and the metaphysical in her work I recommend you purchase a copy.’ – Andy Willoughby

Fat Around The Middle by Jane Burn


fAt aRouNd tHe MiddLe by Jane Burn
ISBN 978-0-9524155-8-9 £5.00 plus £1.50 postage
https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/send-money-online paypal: steveurwin@talktalk.net

Ginger the Pony by Jane Burn
A poem describing the sweet story of a friendship between a girl and her pony. Written and illustrated by Jane Burn



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The Black Light Engine Room Literary Magazine

Many poets featured on The Fat Damsel have been published by this highly original and fearless magazine,

The mag comes out 3 times a year and is edited by p.a. morbid and costs £6 via post. theblacklightenginedriver@hotmail.co.uk if anyone wants to submit or buy a copy

p.a.morbid also publishes the Dark Matter chapbooks – to qualify for inclusion in these interesting publications (which pair two poets together) you must have been published in the literary magazine. The magazine features cover artwork from Sherrie Theriault, Mary Lou Springstead, Jane Burn and many others.

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Singing at the Bone Tree by Rachael Clyne



Mountain sleeps
with her back to us; tender
dip of neck, shoulder
dark head full of dreams.

We are waiting it out
she whispers,
till all of you go.

Poems about our search for the wild self. Winner of Geoff Stevens Memorial Prize. Indigo Dreams Publications 2014. £7.99    http://www.indigodreams.co.uk

art brut by David O’Hanlon


Poems on mental health, and redefining and overcoming the past.http://vpresspoetry.blogspot.co.uk/p/about.html

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