Peter Raynard

Read and Believe All About It!

You see,
it’s said to be the working class
who created all this EU mess
without a thought for the bygone day
when new arrivals came to stay,
on the buses and on the wards,
wiping floors and opening doors.

You see,
it’s said to be the working class
who caused this country’s heart bypass,
that will see a shrinking of the state
by all those posh fucks who just hate
the working class and their ways
because they lounge around for days and days
in a feckless drug-fuelled wanking craze
a self-induced apathetic haze.

You see,
the problem with the working classes
is the rich don’t care about such masses
who keep on moaning about their place
at the bottom of a welfare state
that drives out any person’s need
to go to work and feed their greed
for pies and pints and a late night fight
that numbs the reality of their plight.

So let’s keep believing the vox pop media
whose minds are full of wild hysteria
about the poor who are to blame,
and not the rich who caused this pain.