6 thoughts on “The Fat Damsel

  1. I think this poem is lovely.
    Alive before it’s dead and no regrets.
    I look forward to my own Exit…or Drugzit or whatever cool way we decide to call euthanasia.
    Let’s never get carried away by profits, forgetting our internal deficits
    and there are many.
    Ambition isn’t an excuse for stupidity -ask Boris, but it is excused -when you are so rich it doesn’t matter to you, again ask Boris.
    Kind people become cruel when they become wealthy and that alone should warn us off…
    But…my business does well? and I give back…so I’m truly good aren’t….I?
    Are you? I have seen so many people fall into the ‘power’ trap of self congratulation and I hope more than anything that this does not become the norm, because it is not the situation most ‘normal’ people live in.
    Most people know their flaws and live with them well.

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